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Wedding Day Client Worksheet
Fabrizio Artistry feels it best to have both posed and nonposed photos on your wedding day. In order to make he posed family photos less time-consuming and confusing for everyone involved it would be wonderful if you could help in the following selection of your formal groupings. The following are standard formal photographs taken on the wedding day. Please check the ones you would like taken.

NOTE: It is very important that you consider time restraints when making your list of formal photos. Please figure on average 5 minutes per image. It is absolutely vital that everyone who needs to be present for photos be there when we are ready to begin the session.  In order to not waste time looking for missing people, please make sure to communicate this schedule to those you wish to participate in this session. Please DO NOT give us a list of images or groupings to capture during the reception as this will restrict our ability to document naturally occurring moments and will tie us to a checklist during that time. If there are any additional groupings that you would like (college friends, cousins, etc) please designate a member of your bridal party or family to get those groups together. Thank you! 

Thanks for submitting!

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