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This Month I am doing something a little different! I had asked Tiffany to do a portfolio building project with me. I wanted someone with a daughter, her daughters age for this video project I have been wanting to try! She just kept coming to my mind... She obviously agreed to do it. (YAY) As I was editing her images I just kept thinking of how beautiful of a person she is. I mean on the inside even more so than the outside, if that is even possible! I kept thinking of how sweet and quietly insecure she is. During our day together she said, "I'm Sorry" probably 100 times, and for nothing! LOL! She is just incredibly sweet and has no idea how gorgeous she is. I have always wanted to do a surprise Everyday Beautiful Project! And this was the PERFECT opportunity!

I talked to her sister, Amber and her sister in law, Kaycee about sharing a bit about Tiffany's story. Both said a lot of what I have thought of her. I love that Tiffany's love and energy is universal! I can feel it even though I only see her every once in a while, while those who are closest to her feel it as well. She treats every person with love and respect no matter who they are. Okay, so lets start with Amber, her sister, since she has obviously known her the longest. Amber writes, "Tiff has always had a big heart, even when she was little. She always puts others before herself. She is one of the strongest, sweetest, most caring, genuine, thoughtful, selfless and loving people I know. Yes she is gorgeous on the outside, but she is equally gorgeous on the inside."

"Your first impression of Tiff you would never guess that she has had to endure many hardships and trials. First off, you would definitely notice her incredibly stunning, unique beauty. She has a smile and a light about her that just brightens the room when she walks in. Once you get to know her, you'll notice how she genuinely cares for others and especially her family. She is sincere, classy, loving, loyal, ambitious, courageous, generous, and also has a great sense of humor. You'll also learn that her family is the most important and precious thing to her. She is an absolutely amazing mother!" Kaycee explains.

It is funny how many people think that just because someone is pretty it must mean they have an easy life! I'm not sure why we think this way...but it could not be further from the truth. Not just in Tiff's case but just in general. In Tiff's story, she has had to endure something no parent should EVER have to live through...losing a child... not once but twice. Amber says, "Having to watch her go through losing and burying two gorgeous little girls, is probably the hardest thing I've ever done. After all of her and Brent's heartache she still thinks of and serves others all the time. She has so much love to give and deserves so much love back. She is blessed with her husband Brent and 2 beautiful children Keeton and Kloee, plus her 2 angel baby girls."

Kaycee also reflected on this painful time, "Unfortunately Tiff and her husband have had to endure trials that no one should have to go through. They have had to mourn the loss of not one, but two precious babies. Also miscarriages and other trials in between. Seeing someone you love go through such hard times is never easy. I felt so helpless that I couldn't help take at least some of the pain away, knowing that what I felt was nothing in comparison. In spite of it all, I believe that is what makes Tiff, Tiff. Its what makes her such an amazing mom, and the caring, loving person that she is. She didn't let her circumstances defeat her. She is the strongest women I know! I'm not sure of our Heavenly Father's plan for her, but I do know that it is a miraculous one!"

I couldn't agree more! I love the way Amber described her, "Tiffany is LOVE through and through." Yes, She is. Watching her with her two children is just so sweet! She is so tender and caring with them! She watches them with such love and admiration. This was also the first time I had talked with Brent. He was Incredibly patient! We were running late and he was just calm and nice (which is pretty rare for most husbands waiting to get photos done! haha!). The way Brent looks at Tiff, you can just see the love and strength these two have. This photo is one that speaks so much to the raw emotion of their story. I FEEL SO MUCH when I look at this image. Take time to look and reflect on this one please. I won't say too much because I want you to FEEL whatever it is that you will from it as well.

Something else I have to say about Tiffany... something I have noticed for a very long time, just through Facebook comments and posts. Tiffany NEVER makes things about herself. When others post that they are going through a hard time, or that they have lost someone they love. Most people will take that opportunity to turn it back on themselves. She could say, "I know when I lost my babies....." Or Something to that effect. I have never seen her do this. Her comment is ALWAYS about that person going through whatever they are going through. She doesn't even refer to herself. This is an amazing attribute that I honestly don't see in many people. The empathy that comes from her is just so natural. With Tiff it is always about serving and supporting those around her. She thinks of herself very last, if at all.

Her family is stunning. All of them. I wanted a magazine style photo shoot and boy did we get it with this model family!! I hope that we can all learn lessons of empathy from Tiff. Try to purposely think about how we reply to those around us, trying not to make it about ourselves. It is so hard to do because we try to relate to others to show our support. I know that is what I always THINK I am doing. I am really going to work on this though!! So many people out there just need to be heard, seen, or felt. Let's try to truly listen to those around us, and put ourselves in their situations to show EMPATHY not just SYMPATHY. There is a fantastic TED talk about this that I highly recommend watching ;-)

This last photo is one with more meaning as well...For me it means that we need to cling to our family, hold onto each other and cherish every moment. Heaven is not too far away. The stars feel so magical and peaceful to me...stargazing always helps put things into perspective. There are two shining bright here for Baby Kamree and Kylynn. They will all be together again one day! I know it! We always refer to the babies as Angel Babies, but I have a feeling one day they will get to tell their Mom that SHE is the angel! I would love to hear all of your support. I know everyone who knows this family loves them! But anyone else out there that is touched by their story it would be great to hear your thoughts as well :-)

And one more Video for fun!!

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