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This month I had the opportunity to makeover someone I have always thought had such beautiful features! She was so nervous that she would not be able to look beautiful and ruin my Posts! LOL! Can you believe that!! This is Angella....a classic beauty :-) When I chose her I knew I wanted to do something very old Hollywood. I kept going to Katharine that is what we went with :-) I decided last month to stat taking one photo and pushing myself creatively with it. This photo above is that photo.. This wasn't really Katharine Hepburn. More the Film Noir, Sin City type inspiration. But the rest of the photos are Hepburn inspired. If you are not familiar with her, Google her images and you will see the similarities.

Anyways, Angella says she really doesn't have much of a story, I disagree. She has been married for 30 years. They found out early in marriage that she had severe infertility issues. About 5 years into their marriage they had the blessing of adopting their first two daughters. She describes this is as "Some of the best days of my life!"

Angella continues, "Around our 13th wedding anniversary science had finally caught up with my fertility issue and we were blessed to participate in IVF! It was a crazy ride and we were blessed with our sweet 3rd daughter after just one attempt! I have been a sounding board for many other women with fertility issues. I love talking to them and giving them hope!!" I have seen this first hand! When I was pregnant with my last I had some pretty scary problems. I thought for sure I would lose my baby into the second trimester. Angella offered so much support to me, she would chat with me and help me stay optimistic. She honestly offered me more support than she even knows! My little sister has also had infertility issues and Angella has been super helpful with her as well! When you are in those situations sometimes just having someone relate and take the time to listen makes a world of difference!

Angella is one of those lucky people who has a mind that always sees the positive in the world around her. She says it is actually something that annoys the people around her! I don't know why that would be annoying! That is such a fantastic trait! Angella told me, "My husband has nicknamed me “Sunshine”..He says “wherever I am there is sunshine”. Not sure if I agree but it is very sweet. My friends would probably describe me as kind and non-judgmental. I try really hard to never believe rumors or gossip, but always give 2nd, 3rd or however chances possible when dealing with my friends and family."

You can see why her husband calls her "Sunshine" with a smile like this! I love this picture of her with such a natural smile! Something Angella said that I love is this, "I believe a person has a choice of who they will be or what kind of a person they will emulate. I think at times people place blame for their flaws. When in reality our flaws belong to us, to own, to keep or to improve upon! Life should be a happy place, even when situations are heavy upon our hearts. I truly love life and love to live it."

Such a great attitude toward life! She is an inspiration for this fact! Not many people have this kind of attitude and love for life. Her family is what makes her life complete. She as worked and been through a lot of heart ache to have that family and she is not about to let anything get in the way of the happiness they provide her. She describes her daughters as, "my happiness, my joy, my reason for being." I absolutely Love that!

I had such a great time working with Angella on this shoot. I love simple classic studio shoots! There is a timeless beauty about them. Especially in black and white! I hope you all enjoy looking at her photos and that you will leave some comments and like, comment, share on Facebook! We are all so special in our own unique ways! I hope this project is helping others see how beautiful we all are! As always, if you know someone who is deserving to be featured please let me know by filling out an application on the main Everyday Beautiful Project page! Thanks!

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