Brooke was nominated for the Everyday Beauty Project by her husband. In the application I ask, "Why do you want to nominate this person?" His response had me instantly interested. He said, "Brooke has no idea how beautiful , talented, and wonderful she is. She has a degree in social work and is amazing with our kids. Anytime one of them has a special need she researches it until she knows more than anyone about it. She almost has her Master’s degree as well. She needs to know how beautiful and special she is."

I had never met Brooke, but with that response I knew she was someone I needed to meet. I am SO GLAD I did!! This woman is obviously stunning! Even more than that, just as her husband stated, she is talented and I would like to add to the list extremely intelligent. Truly I feel like I ended this day a better person just from the conversations we had in the time we spent!

Brooke reminded me of the importance of compassion and empathy. We honestly do not know the things people have been through. Even if we have known them for a long time, or watched them go through their trials, the way we experience things is something as uniquely individual as each of us. She reminded me of the importance of talking with our neighbors, family members, friends about how we FEEL. Also, of the value of responding openly and honestly. Brooke said something that stuck with me about infertility. She said, "Even after you go through it all, and you have a successful pregnancy, you still carry that pain with you." I have never thought of that. In my mind, after you had a baby, the pain would go away. Things like this are important to know and to talk about so we can be more empathetic to others.

Brooke has been through more than anyone should. As she told me of her life, I agree with what her husband said, "She has no idea how amazing she is." Brooke spent most of her life working with children. She grew up in loving home with biological siblings, as well as foster siblings. At 16, she began working at a daycare. She worked with youth through summer and after school programs. Her husband recounts, "She found herself in a job she hated when we were newlyweds and she was putting me through school. So she started her own daycare, got it licensed and accredited, and served on a board that helped ensure quality childcare." Children have always been a huge part of her life, and she always dreamed of having children of her own. When they decided to start making those dreams a reality, they began to embark on one of the hardest roads of their lives.

Brooke was diagnosed with PCOS, which is a disease that can cause infert