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Everyday Beautiful Project

It has always been something close to my heart... Making women FEEL as BEAUTIFUL on the outside as I see they are on the inside!! Truly... WOMEN ARE BEAUTIFUL! No matter what size, shape, or color. We all have courageous stories and incredible talents that make us who we are. It breaks my heart that some women do not feel the confidence they deserve. It has been a long journey of my own to understand this fact. True, it is not the makeup, clothes, or hair that make the woman beautiful. It is the story behind the woman. The small things she does everyday. I do believe, however, that seeing ourselves through the eyes of an artist can make us feel that beauty.

Since I have posted a few photos of myself on social media, I get stopped by people all the time saying, "I wish I could do that." or "Wow, that looks so beautiful! I would love for you to do my makeup like that." Or many other things. I believe every woman should be able to look at a photo of themselves and feel proud! Therefore, I am launching The Everyday Beautiful Project. I will take submissions from anyone! I want to hear your stories! I want to show the world that not just the rich and famous can look stunning! We all can!

How it works:

1. Submit an application and photo of yourself or someone you feel deserves it.

2. I will pick one person per month for an undetermined amount of months (depending on demand)

3. The person chosen will have a preappointment consultation (over the phone or other means) where we will talk about personality and vision of what they would like and what I see happening. Some people may want to use this opportunity to see themselves a way they never would, others may want some fun extravagent fantasy type makeup or to look like a celebrity, and then some may just want a fresh glow. My goal is to match personality to the look to make it fun for both parties.

4. Photoshoot day. We will meet and make the vision reality! Hair, Makeup, Clothing, and Photos. For clothing we will work together to get the desired look, as I cannot buy something new for each person.

5. I will share the story and results here on this page, as well as other social media networks!

Interested? If you live in the Northern Utah area, or are willing to travel apply!

To submit an application please click on the Everyday Beautiful Project tab below , then "EBP Application" button. It can be for yourself or for someone you feel is deserving!

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