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Stacey is such a fun, light hearted person with an infectious laugh! I had so much fun getting to know her during our makeover! She truly just radiates positivity and light! It is crazy how some people just make you feel happy... and Stacey is definitely one of them!

Life hasn't always been so light hearted for Stacey, as is the case for most people of course! Stacey story begins in High School.. She describes herself as being "morbidly Obese since I was a sophomore in High School. It was a VERY hard thing to deal with, I really never got asked out on dates, never went to prom or homecoming and felt very unattractive and frumpy. I tried to change my appearance by dying my hair, wearing clothes that didn’t draw attention and just kind of trying to blend in. I did not want anyone to notice me….because unfortunately when your noticed, as an Obese girl in High School its usually not in a nice way. I had a good group of friends, many of them also had weight problems."

"Fast forward to College, I was still Morbidly Obese but lived with a great roommate who helped me gain a bit of confidence and I started dating, 6 months later I got married. Had a baby the next year and had 2 more babies in the following 4 years. With each pregnancy and postpartum period I continued to gain weight. I was a stay at home mom who did daycare at my home and cleaned others homes on weekends to help make ends meet.

I was beginning to feel my weight start to really take a toll on what I could physically do. I could not play with the kids at the park, I could just sit and watch. I could not fit in the seats at the movie theatre anymore without squeezing in and then having large bruises on my hips for days afterward. I couldn’t walk around the block or go to the zoo or Lagoon with my kids. Physically it was just too painful on my knees and lower back to walk around for more then 5-10 minutes at a time."





(How Ironic that we chose to use this same dress for this shoot!)

Pretty amazing!

I think that this is such a scary and great step for some people! She should be very proud!

"By January of 2014 I weighed 399.8 lbs. I could not do much of anything. I went to work in the mornings and by the time I got home around 1, I was physically exhausted. I would sit on the couch the rest of the day and watch TV. My back hurt ALL THE TIME! I had Sleep Apnea and was Pre-diabetic. I was on Acid Reducers and High Blood Pressure Meds. I could see myself dying if I didn’t get help.

I had my Surgical Consultation in January and had Surgery in March of 2014. My Insurance would not cover the cost of the surgery so I had to pay for it upfront by taking out a loan for $20,000 (it will be paid off in 3 years!) I have lost 204.8 lbs. I have maintained my new weight for over a year now and Love my new life. My Sleep Apnea is GONE, High Blood Pressure is GONE, Pre-diabetes is GONE! Acid reflux Meds are GONE!"